You Can Break My Things, But You Will Never Break My Spirit (Day 8)

Freakin’ butthole people in the world. . .

Early this morning, I shuffled out to my car, trying desperately to shake the Monday-ness off and prepare my mind for my first Federal Government lecture of the day (it amazes me how, even though it’s the middle of the semester, waking up early still isn’t easy).

Reaching my car, I fumbled to get the key into the door. . . but once it found its home, something felt wrong. It wouldn’t go in.

And, with the remote battery being dead, I was locked out. Good morning to me. . .

Upon further examination, I noticed that the shield that usually gets pushed in by the key was nowhere to be found. Hmm. . . someone broke my keyhole.

Check out the damage here.

What a seriously butthole thing to do.

I’m pretty sure the car was unlocked, too! So this leads me to believe someone out there is either a huge douche, or the worst car thief of all time. Or the idiots kids in the neighborhood were bored. Whatever the case, I pity them.

Well, the pity came after I experienced twenty minutes of boiling-hot rage, an hour of butt-hurtedness, and about five hours of bewilderment. Why would someone do this? What did I do to deserve this? What kind of turds live in this world? Who knows where I live?

I also had to fight the urge to hit up a Jack-in-the-Box ALL DAY. . . because, you know, Monster tacos cure everything.

Today showed me exactly how much stress affects my eating. But, once I recognized the feelings and what my knee-jerk reaction was (to eat), then it was easy to clear out the desire to emotionally shovel food into my mouth. It also didn’t hurt to think about how locks can be fixed and how much better I would feel with a trim body while imagining how sad and pathetic the person who did that to my car is because a locksmith can’t just come a replace a crappy attitude/life.

You can break my keyhole, but you can’t break my will!

Not a great start to Week 2, or so it seemed. But I’m the Queen of Spin and found the silver lining in this unfortunate event (Pollyanna would be proud).


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