One Week Down!

The first week of twelve is in the books! I was very good, very honest with myself about the bad habits I’ve fallen into, and I feel so positive and ready for the next eleven weeks. It seems unreal that I’ve allowed myself to get so pudgy and out-of-shape. . . geez, what a disservice to myself and my future.

Took some ‘Before’ pics today to track progress (view with caution):

I feel much cleaner on the inside. (All the roughage is to thank for THAT.)

Next week, Jelaine and I are adding workouts to our routines. We have access to workout videos via various platforms on the Roku, and we have promised ourselves and each other to get sweaty on the mornings we’re both home (I leave early on Mondays and Wednesdays & she leaves early on Saturdays).

On the topic of Jelaine. . . she reminds me constantly that “Teamwork makes the dream work” because she has been the best ’84 to Fit’ partner, putting lunches together for the entire week and being communicative about this whole program. There is definitely something to be said for having a partner who is on the same positive track, not a negative influence. I’ve seen it happen so often with friends and acquaintances, and I feel really lucky to be in a relationship of growth and positivity and support.

Week Recap:
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