96 Hours… (Day 4)

Just realized it’s October… what did that happen??

Although, I kinda chuckled to myself about this “lifestyle change” coinciding with this month because this used to be the time that everyone started trying to lean out in time for Halloween. College habits die hard? (Or not.)

Today was a fairly typical Thursday, however I caught myself wanting to do some kitchen grazing. Talk about old habits dying hard!

But, I was mindful and it seems like identifying the behavior, and then consciously changing it, is going to do me a lot of good. It’s become really easy to not think twice about what I eat and how much time I spend on my butt, but being lax is no way to live.

When I had the desire to graze, I stopped and asked myself why. There were times when I was actually hungry, so I had a small snack like carrots with hummus or a cup of coffee to re-energize. Other times, I was bored without even really realizing it – grading, planning lessons, researching my Masters thesis eat up a lot of my mental energy, but can also get mundane. So, there that is.

But, eating well has already started to pay off as far as how I feel – less bloated, more light and energetic… Four days down, 80 to go!