Heart & Earth

earthheartImagine what would happen if we re-prioritized, cared a little less about the useless stuff we put first. Imagine the improvements we could make if we lived outside of ourselves, instead of our means, and took as much care to create a better world, instead of a better image.
But, so often, we clog our arteries and rivers, pollute our lungs and the air that fills them, and the effects of mistreatment show in our schools, prisons, political relations, international relations, smoggy skies, and treatment plants.
Just an extra second to find empathy could make all the difference = to lighten the burden on others and to do better by them. If we could see ourselves in others and provide the same understanding, love, and patience on a larger scale… think of how much better our streets, neighborhoods, towns, counties, states, countries, continents could become. What does it take?
This rock called Earth provides for us, supports us makes us all possible. And we treat it like a dumpster. Instead of asking what we can take, why not see what we can give? If only we could all practice more mindfulness and think about lessening the hurt and increasing the amount we nurture, just like each and every one of us would with our own self.
Our heart and our Earth. We only have one of each.