Camping Adventure!

Jelaine and I spent four days at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, and it was UH-MAZING!!

Here’s the full photo gallery.


wpid-20140518_152755.jpgWe got a great spot at the Doris Campgrounds – if you’re reading this and get the itch to go, try to get Site #31. . it’s nice and shaded AND right by the lake. Great views, sounds, breeze. So choice.

The Refuge offers a lot – there is a neat informational Visitors Center, tons of lakes, hiking and walking trails, gorgeous sights, and the opportunity to interact with all kinds of wildlife. We decided to do a difficult hike one day and then do more walking and site-seeing the next day. I learned that I am, in fact, the type of person who sings ‘Climb Every Mountain’ either aloud or in my head while, *ahem*, climbing a mountain. Reverend Mother would be proud.

One encounter we had with wildlife was hair-raising, to say the least. Check out Coyote Attack!!

The other experiences were much more relaxed. The prairie dogs were friendly (and skittish), the buffalo minded their business, and we had a deer visitor who came right up to say goodbye the night before we left.

Definitely glad we went. Definitely plan on going back.