It’s In the Details…

My girlfriend’s visual artistry amazes me at every turn.

We recently moved, so we’re doing the whole “Does this look good here?” hanging pictures and paintings and that whole song and dance.

Hanging a piece that she painted, I carried it by a window and happened to notice that she used certain brush strokes, layers of paint, etc to get the right texture and shading. . .


Being the non-painter I am, I was amazed and impressed at the fact she knows what to do and how to do it to get the effect she’s looking for.

Her skills when it comes to aesthetics continually amazes me.

She has a whole set of skills that I lack. She can *see* how to make things more artistic, more pleasing to the eye, more beautiful. . . the same sort of qualities she brings to our relationship because she sees the little details and finds ways to make us better.

This is the full painting, hanging in our spare room.