SQUAWK! Parrots Are the Next “In” Bird

I’m looking into the future! There’s always an “in” bird happening. . . peacock feathers were a big thing in recent history, owls are everywhere, and now it’s time for the next avian fad: parrots.

20140418_133357The trendy bird for fall/winter was owls. A visit to ANY store would confirm this – there were owl knickknacks at Garden Ridge, owl clothing out the yin-yang, necklaces, posters, etc, etc, etttcccc. . .

But owls aren’t very compatible with warm seasons. They don’t necessarily convey warmth and sunshine, but are great for wintry, bundle-up weather.

That’s why parrots are moving into the top spot!

They’re colorful–perfect for summer. They’re fun and talkative and vibrant–all summery qualities.

I’ve been saying it for months: parrots are going to come at us like feathery freight trains. I’ve said it so much that my gf bought me this parrot-y locket:


(She rrreal sweet.)