What’s the difference between a system and a process?

A process is a conceptual sequence of events that enables a person or a business to do what they do.

Most of the time, you’re not aware a processes existence until someone makes them obvious. For example, the way a support request gets handled is a process. There’s an input, some work sequences, and an output.

Systems are used to execute processes.

A system is an entity that maintains its existence through the mutual interaction of its parts.

As a general rule:
processes address effectiveness, whereas systems address efficiency.

If you’re doing the right thing slower than it could be done otherwise, work on your systems.

If you’re working but not really getting anywhere, work on your processes.

Ahh… if it were only that easy.

I happen to have a keen eye for synergy and synthesis (it’s why I made up the concept of Concurrent Good), that is, when and how things could relate to each other better and how that can create better results. It’s a byproduct of having a highly-active mind who learned a lot about end goals and big pictures as a kid… and also being a bossy big sister who just wants you to do well.

Essentially, I can boil things down to systems and processes, then make them better.