Good Stuff: Project Success

I love when things work out. And I also love seeing people doing good things for the younger generations. (Instead of complaining about “kids these days,” why not do something to help them see *the way*?)

There is a program in Fort Worth called ‘Project Success,’ an art program for at-risk teens.

So much about it rocks – a creative outlet, gives the kids purpose, puts them in a better environment than they might be… All good things.

A news story about PS is here, and the facebook page posts photos and updates on their progress.

It inspired me to help them in any way possible, and the first thing that came to mind was to donate some arts and crafts things and other odds-n-ends that I have around my place – unused frames, old scrapbooking materials, and my jar of buttons come to mind, and I know they would be better-used with Project Success.

I’m inspired!