What did I expect?

Compelled coming out is horse shit. As is acting like a total bitch without bringing up an issue just so that it HAS to be discussed. But that didn’t stop my mother from doing both those things.

I haven’t kept my relationship a secret. Facebook is the last place to keep secrets & I haven’t made it difficult to see my relationship status on there. That’s how my mother has gotten most of her information about me, so that’s how she learned that I’m seeing another woman.

Not unusual.

We don’t have a talky-chatty relationship. Never have. Probably never will. Because she doesn’t actually want to know what’s going on or how I feel or what I want… she just wants a chance to control things or voice her disapproval.

That’s exactly how it went when I went to talk to her about my relationship status. “Well, I don’t agree with that.” No shit, Sherlock. What good did that do me, other than 90 minutes of my time for 15 minutes of tension, ulcer-growth, and useless “conversation.”

And we’re both so stubborn… she’ll hold onto her viewpoint, no matter how ignorant. And there’s no chance in hell I’m going to give up my happiness just to make some Christian-when-I-need-an-argument person happy.



Not gonna do it.

Can’t wait to see how the holidays go…