Seminar Formats & Topics

Ideal Development comes to audiences via talks, seminars, and courses based on my initiatives and approaches. Read on for formats & contents of the following initiatives:

  • Make You Happen
  • All In
  • The + Life

These seminars can be delivered solo, or tailored to include any customized mottos/plans/strategies created in consulting sessions.

Available formats are:

  1. Full day seminar: a typical workday (8 hours). An immersive day with opening remarks to guide the day’s activities that can include break-out sessions, worksheets, and in-depth attendee interaction. Closing remarks will solidify the day’s highlights.
  2. Half-day seminar: 4 hours of work. Opening and closing remarks will frame and reiterate main points of the seminar. Based on time, space, best fit, the middle portion of the day will include any: workshops, breakout sessions, Q&A, lecture-style worksheets, or other suitable activities.
  3. Lunch&Learn sessions: the most popular option for edification and unification around a strong message. 2-2.5 hours. Speech centered around message, designed to impart knowledge and empathy while engaging and enriching audiences. Great way to demonstrate your organization’s dedication to staying current. Especially effective with the Make You Happen message.
  4. Multiple-day courses are available. This can be two days, two weeks, even months-long employee enrichment courses tailored to fit your 

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Themes & Topics

To develop ideal circumstances, I’ve created core ideas and principles that any organization can follow in the pursuit of excellence.

The Make You Happen initiative is an umbrella under which my two theories – All In & The + Life – fall, which makes MYH a great fit for shorter seminars meant to focus and inspire listeners.

With MYH, I discuss the importance of dedicated focus and a proactive mindset in achieving goals.

In order to achieve success, people must be All In – for personal achievement, and for organizational success.

My 5-step program for being “all in” helps to clarify goals and simplify their attainment. With this program, I help create a comprehensive view of your ideal conditions & re-frame the roles of all the moving parts within it. Whether you’ve got a weight loss goal or a company-wide vision, you can use this concept to make it happen.

And if a “tracking” structure is better, there is the game-related view of achievement: The + Life.

This approach breaks down success by recognizing current conditions, identifying ideal conditions, and laying out the path between the two – like a game board.

Implementing this program will train audience members to ask themselves, “Is what I’m doing taking me closer to or further from the goal?”

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